10 Ways To Make Any Home Look Custom (Part 1)


It’s undeniable that a custom home build provides an exceptional aesthetic which conveys prestige, convenience and ergonomic mastery. This look is very desirable and, while custom homes simply cannot be built just anywhere, can be achieved if you are renovating with a few simple additions to your home. We have put together the following blog post which outlines ten ways you can add a custom home vibe to your house with a few simple extensions.

#1 Custom-Built Cabinetry

Custom-built cabinetry is an appealing and ergonomic staple which can very easily be used to upgrade your home with a ‘custom’ look. Any talented trim carpenter with experience custom home building can design and build bookshelves, TV cabinetry, desks, closets, a pantry, etc, which complement the existing space while providing a visible ‘custom’ aesthetic. The most common spaces where custom-built cabinetry is employed are the living room, study and game room.

#2 A New Staircase

Staircases are unmissable centrepieces of most homes and are visible from the moment a person enters the house. A new balustrade, flighting, trim on stairs or a unique runner is very easily noticeable and can make a big impact when you invite guests over for a dinner party. Even a new coat of stain or paint can give a fresh look at an affordable price.

#3 New Trim

With the help of an experienced carpenter and a catalogue of options, you can replace the trim around your skirting boards, crown moulding and doors and windows. Just make sure you update everything consistently. Doing this can truly give your home a ‘custom’ appearance and can trick guests into believing your house was built custom.

#4 Solid Core Interior Doors

Hollow core doors are the staple of many non-custom home builds and can sometimes appear tacky. By replacing these with a grand, 1.75-inch solid core door you upgrade your home’s appearance and give it additional stature. Customisable panels can help you match your new doors with the overall look of your house. Be sure to upgrade the locks if necessary too!

#5 Wall Detailing

Once again, with the assistance of any experienced carpenter and a catalogue of wall detailing you can really add a personal touch to your home’s interior. Custom panelling, plaster, fresh wallpaper or unique paint colours can easily replace the off-the-shelf, standard builder’s job and create a unique visual appeal which delights the occupants of your home.

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