8 Ways To Reduce Your Electricity Bill


Rising inflation is accompanied by increases in the cost of goods and services. Australia’s current economic situation is one potentially hallmarked by moderate mark-ups on basic utility services like gas and electricity. Electricity bills can sting at the best of times and an uptick in prices can make this paying your bills on time evermore woeful. Contrarily, if you can reduce the cost of your energy bill then you will have more left over to buy the things you want. In the following blog post we discuss 8 strategies you can use to reduce the total cost of your electricity bill. 

Switch Off Utilities at the Powerpoint 

Turning off utilities at the powerpoint can save you approximately $80 per year. Instead of waiting for the next time you need your appliance, simply turn it off at the source to save money. 

Lower The Temperature Of Your Heating/Cooling 

By reducing the temperature of your thermostat by 1°C every time you use it you can save approximately $120 per year and reduce your carbon footprint. Aim for 19°C at all times and you should see savings slowly start to accumulate. 

Buy A Smart Thermostat 

A smart thermostat which switches on when you enter the room and adjusts temperature automatically can save you approximately $150 per year. 

Wind-Proof Your Windows and Doors 

In addition to the two aforementioned points, increasing insulation on your windows and doors can save you approximately $100 per year on heating costs. 

Replace Light Bulbs 

Lighting usually accounts for about 15% of the average electricity bill. By changing your halogen bulbs to energy-saving LED bulbs you can save approximately $5 per year, per bulb. The good thing about doing this is that energy-saving LED bulbs generally last for decades, compared to a single year when you use halogen bulbs. 

Install Solar Panels 

Solar panels do have a large upfront cost ($5-10K), but will save you money running appliances, particularly during the day when the sun is out. Excess electricity can also be sold back to the grid and save you even more money in the long-term. 

Install A Heat Pump 

A heat pump can cost $2-6K, but with operating efficiencies of up to 600% compared to regular water heating systems, these appliances can save you some serious cash by heating your water more efficiently; particularly when paired with solar panels. 

Build A Custom Home 

If you are in the market for property, building a custom home to energy-saving specifications can save you serious money in the long-term. By including enhanced insulation, double-glazed windows and integrated smart technology like smart thermostats and solar panels in your home design you afford significant opportunities to save on electricity costs. 

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