Highest Suburb Growth in Melbourne


Despite recent declines in market activity in the real estate sector due to COVID-19, some fortunate Melbourne suburbs within an easy commute from the city CBD continue to grow. Strategic Government stimulus, record low interest rates and increased investment value have resulted in significant investment in the following ten Melbourne suburbs. 

These suburbs have affordable median house values, high rental yields, economic and commercial growth, predictions of population growth and close proximity to amenities are the driving factors behind the recent growth in these Melbourne suburbs. In the following table we have summarised the value in what have been called Melbourne’s ten best investment suburbs.

Amenities vary across these suburbs. Officer, Melton, Pakenham East, Donnybrook and Greenvale enjoy close access to public assets like roads, transit networks and schools. Box Hill, Tarneit, Greenvale and Glen Waverly enjoy proximity to the Melbourne central business district: within 25km. Finally, Mickelham, Glen Waverly and Geelong are popular because of their commercial assets like shopping centres, business centres and sports centres.

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