Can I Knock Down and Rebuild?


A knock down rebuild project can be a promising alternative to buying an off-the-market home or investing in a major renovation. However, understanding the complexities of a knock down rebuild custom home is essential to ensuring you don’t get overwhelmed with costs as the project rolls out. Too receive the best value for your custom build, it’s a wise choice to employ a builder like UHomes who only charge upfront costs. There’s almost nothing as frustrating as thinking a project is finished when in reality landscaping and fencing has still to be complete. In this blog post we present a few insightful questions which can help you make decisions along the road to completing your knock down rebuild custom home project.

What Is The Average Value Of Property In Your Suburb?

Preliminary research into knocking down and rebuilding should focus on the median house prices in your suburb. It’s fairly important you match the average price in the area you live in to ensure that future buyers get what they expect when they begin to investigate a specific place to live. Essentially, the home design and what you spend on the home should match what the market is looking for. Do some research into homes that have sold recently and try to tip your budget in the direction of that figure. A little over or under is fine, so long as you don’t go overboard with your custom built home design.

What Hidden Costs Are Involved?

Knock down and rebuild projects often take place on deformed blocks which are not perfectly flat. Custom homes are often a better solution here than a new estate or house and land package because their design can be tailor made to fit the shape and size of the land on which the house is located.

Furthermore, such projects as described in this article must factor in demolition costs and often the cost of retaining walls to prop up slopes. If you are interested in installing a pool, it’s best practice to do so after demolition because you can save 10 to 14% on the cost of the feature.

Build To Save Money

Custom home builds offer many savings, such as on energy bills and air conditioning. By strategically placing skylights, windows, doors and solar panels to take advantage of the local climate, you can reduce unnecessary expense on lighting, heating and cooling. Warmth and natural light can be maximised and your house kept to the optimum climate all year round.

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