Covid-19 Update

U Homes displays are now open for business

The Victorian Government announced an easing of restrictions in both Greater Melbourne and Regional Victoria.

The changes will commence from 11:59pm, Thursday 10 June 2021.

Greater Melbourne – what has changed?

While some restrictions will end on 11:59pm Thursday 10th of June allowing more businesses to reopen, many restrictions will continue to remain in place for at least another week.

What restrictions have changed in Greater Melbourne?

  • The Authorised Provider and Authorised Worker list is no longer applicable;
  • The 5 reasons to leave home will no longer apply;
  • The 10km rule will no longer apply in Greater Melbourne;
  • Melburnians will now be able to travel 25km from home. The only reasons to go further than 25 km will be work, education, care and caregiving, and getting vaccinated;
  • Travel into regional Victoria to visit family and friends or take a holiday is not possible for now.

Can Display Homes and Colour Selection Centres re-open? 

Display homes and colour selection centres can re-open in Melbourne subject to:

  • Facemasks being worn indoors and outdoors where social distancing is not possible:
  • A density quotient of one by four metre squared is applied;
  • Electronic record keeping requirements are adhered to;
  • COVIDSafe plans are updated;
  • All other COVID health and hygiene requirements

When am I required to wear a facemask? 

You must wear a facemask in Melbourne:

  • In all indoors settings – including indoors on a building site;
  • When outdoors and unable to socially distance.