Designing For Aging In Place: Custom Homes For Aging Population 


Australia is in the midst of an aging population crisis. It’s predicted that, by 2066, older people will make up between 21 and 23% of Australia’s population. With this in mind, people approaching seniority may wish to consider where they are going to live and how their house will cater to mobility restrictions as they enter retirement and their golden years. Home designs can very easily be customised for senior occupants. UHomes Living is experienced in designing accessible homes for older homeowners. We use several unique design techniques to ensure homes for the aging population are built as safely and comfortably as possible. 

Key Design Considerations For Custom Homes 

There are several fundamental home design features that we employ when building homes for older folk. The foremost-important consideration we take into account when designing such homes is that older people can struggle to climb stairs. When designing homes for seniors, we recommend single-storey homes to make access to the whole house as easy as possible. In addition to this, we design accessible entrances and wider doorways and hallways to account for the use of mobility aids which seniors may use to get around. Furthermore, non-slip flooring grab bars and accessible toilets are common bathroom features we use to ensure performing ablutions is as safe as possible. Finally, smart home technology like wider light switches, easy-to-access intercom systems and simple heating and cooling are recommended to ensure maximum comfort for seniors building a custom home. 

Universal Design Principles 

As well as design features specifically used to aid seniors gain mobility, UHomes Living also incorporates several universal design principles that make getting around the home easier for older people. Universal design features improve usability and accessibility for older homeowners. Examples such as lever door handles, adjustable-height countertops, natural lighting and reduction in trip hazards are all important elements we include when building for seniors. These make it easier to open doors, prepare and eat food, retain visibility during daylight hours and stay safe when moving about, respectively 

Incorporating Assistive Technology 

We previously mentioned a handful of technological aids that make custom homes user-friendly for seniors. Considerations must also be made for medical technology and home and garage access to ensure that seniors can experience enhanced safety, comfort and independence when they finally move into their custom built home. Enough space in bedrooms and living rooms must be included when a senior resident requires medical technology to stay alive. Furthermore, this tech may require additional electrical capacity which we can account for in utility designs. Furthermore, seniors can, at times, lack the strength to open heavy doors and garage doors, so accounting for this with automated technology can make life a lot easier for senior homeowners after they make a trip to the shops or a friend’s house. 

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