How To Decide Which Narrow Lot Home Design Is Right For You 


If you are planning to build a custom home in dense urban areas you must be prepared to work with a narrow lot home design. There are many factors which will determine to what extent the narrow lot home design you choose is a good fit for the land you have bought. These factors can also hinder or quicken the council approval process. The size of the lot, the design style of the area, the desired size and number of bedrooms, LGA restrictions and sewer and easement location are just a few factors which determine the degree to which your narrow lot home suits your needs. 

Size Of The Lot 

When building on a narrow lot, it is crucial that you maximise space in order to sustain you and your family for the long-term. Creating a feeling of open space is important while working within the size of the lot. One easy way to achieve this effect is to create an open living space at the back of the home which opens onto the alfresco. Such areas are perfect for entertaining. 

Narrow Lot Home Styles 

At some point on your custom-home-building building journey you will need to decide whether you want a contemporary home design or a classic architectural style. We find that modern homes tend to suit narrow lots to a greater extent. Straight, sharp lines maximise space and a relatively flat roof can complement the limited space available on your lot. The style of your home will also need to suit the surrounding area. Before consulting U Homes Living, it’s worth taking a walk around the neighbourhood where you have bought land to ensure you are on top of the local trends and architectural styles. You can then consult our portfolio of home designs to ensure you pick something that fits in with the local community while maximising space on your narrow lot. 

Size Of The Home 

The size of your narrow lot home can easily be maximised by adding a second storey. While some may see sacrificing long hallways undesirable, in most cases a staircase and upstairs rooms plus living space is a welcome trade-off that does increase the available living space and number of bedrooms you have to enjoy. 

LGA Restrictions 

LGA restrictions may include provision of a construction management plan, management of noise and vibrations during construction as well as inclusion of fire safety protection within the home. When you employ U Homes Living you can rest assured that we are compliant with all Victorian and Australian building codes. 

Sewer and Easement Location 

The location of sewers and easements relative to your property can hinder the process of applying for a building permit. Leave it up to U Homes Living to work out whether there are limitations at your chosen lot related to the position of nearby sewers and easements. 

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