How To Design The Best Floor Plan For Your Custom Home


Most custom home builds these days make use of an open floor plan. However, depending on your lifestyle, your needs will vary and it’s helpful to plan accordingly to make sure you make the best use of the space you have. For example, home owners who regularly entertain will need more space than, say, people who are often away from home or who live alone. By ensuring you design floor plans for whatever elements of your lifestyle are most important to you you can ensure that your new custom home meets your needs. 

How To Choose The Right Floor Plan 

Uhomes Living designs and builds custom homes all over Melbourne. We have put together the following list of tips to help you plan appropriately for the available space when designing your custom home. 

Identify What You Want And What You Need 

When browsing our selection of floor plans, it is necessary to consider how your family will use the space when construction is finished. For example, do you need a study room? An entertainment space? Guest bedrooms? Also, after you have thought about the types of rooms you want to include in your home, think about their arrangement. Do you want the master bedroom at the front or the back of the house? Do you want the kids’ bedrooms clustered together? Does your sunroom face the light or shy away from it? Etc.These are important design considerations which will have the largest impact on how your house fits together. 

Match Your Lifestyle With Your Floor Plan 

Similar to planning the arrangement of your rooms, planning for lifestyle requirements requires some thought when building a custom home. For example, if you entertain often you will probably want to consider sliding doors between entertainment areas and dining areas. You may want an open kitchen rather than one tucked away for private food preparation. You might want to include a guest bedroom for international arrivals. If you are catering to a young family, you might want rooms for music practice, a communal study space or ensuite bathrooms to ensure queues for showers don’t get too long. At the end of the day, your custom floor plan should accommodate your lifestyle. 

Single or Double Storey 

Making a decision about single or double storey considerations will rely on the amount of finance you have available as well as the size of the land on which you’re building. Smaller land lots can be equally accommodating as larger lots if you have the budget for a double-storey house, for example. There are a few design factors which differ by nature between single and double storey houses. Facade design, flexibility of customised structural changes, privacy, backyard size and storage space must all be considered when you are deciding whether to build one or two storeys. 

Plan For The Future 

One of the most fundamentally important precautions you can take when designing a custom home is to plan for the future. If you are planning on starting a family, for example, you will require additional bedrooms and extra living space. If you plan to live by yourself with a couple of guests then you will also need to make preparations accordingly. People often choose floor plans for what they want at the current moment, but it’s essential to plan ahead when choosing a custom floor plan. 

Create Outdoor Space 

Another crucially important element of a custom home’s floor plan is the outdoor space which is available. Planning to entertain? You may want to consider a patio or fire pit in the backyard. Enjoy cook-ups? An outdoor kitchen or BBQ area will suit your needs nicely. A nice outdoor area is a great way to increase the value of your house as well as cater to the lifestyle needs of you, any family you have and your guests. 

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