How To Fireproof Your Custom Home


Can Houses Be Built Fire Proof?

Australia’s harsh Summer conditions often give rise to raging bushfires which affect hectares of land and burn down unsuspecting, unprotected houses close by to the Australian bush. This problem has become so serious in recent times that building material manufacturers have been forced to innovate and come up with materials which can resist the conditions produced by bushfires. The seriousness of the fire calls for use of different materials to protect the structure of the house and ensure its occupants can remain safe and sound at all times. While it may incur some additional cost, yes, you can build a fire proof custom home and at the end of the day the resulting peace of mind is worth it.

How Do I Make My House Fire Resistant?

Several ‘levels’ of bushfire threat level exist. A BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) is a measure given to a bushfires according to its temperature and duration. A BAL rating is a metric attributed to building materials which are able to resist the effects of a similarly rated bushfire. By including the use of BAL-rated building materials in your new custom home you ensure that it can resist the destructive properties of a fire for long enough for you and your family to escape to safety. It also means that when the fire is put out, your home will remain structurally sound and reasonably easy to repair.

Can A Custom Home Builder Build Fireproof Homes?

A custom home builder will use different materials than are the standard in construction if they are building a fireproof home. Fireproof doors, windows and shutters are employed in the construction of a fireproof home. These building features create a protective shell around the house which shields it from fire, smoke and ash in the event of a bushfire. If you are looking to build a fire-rated home, contact UHomes Living to discuss what we can do to ensure your house is equipped to defend itself against your local environment in summertime.

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UHomes builds custom homes using a staggering range of different materials, styles and techniques. Contact us to build a fireproof home in Melbourne. We will source BAL-rated materials to help in the construction of your brand new home; all which comply with Australian Building Standard codes. UHomes Living has been building custom homes for over ten years and understand the nuances of getting a home planned, built and made ready to live in to the letter. Call our friendly team on 03 9048 5737 today or reach out via our contact page to ask about how we can help you build the home of your dreams.