Interior Design Trends For Custom Built Homes 


There are a vast range of benefits associated with building a custom home, including unlimited potential to design every feature of your house from the ground up, increased resale value and ability to utilise sustainable materials in construction. In our previous blog posts we have discussed the first aforementioned point in detail: how to design floor space to optimise your home and take advantage of the lot you have bought. In this blog post, we showcase several creative ideas for interior design within custom built homes, including: storage, unique lighting, custom millwork and more. 

Storage Options for Custom Homes 

Designing ergonomic storage facilities for custom homes is laden with benefits. Some of these include: ability to free up floor space which can then be taken advantage of to house additional furniture, art and other features, it reduces clutter and allows for more-efficient organisation of household items, it adds value to the house, especially if not all of it is used when you first move in, it enhances aesthetic appeal by complementing the home design with materials, shapes and finishes and it adds functionality by incorporating multi-purpose features within the one room whose function can be changed according to the needs of its occupant. 

Unique Lighting for Custom Homes 

Unique lighting also offers several noteworthy benefits to custom home builds. Custom lighting fixtures offer enhanced aesthetics, by creating ambience and a more-inviting atmosphere. It can also highlight architectural features by using luminance and shadows to draw attention to specific features. Furthermore, unique lighting can improve the functionality of rooms: by providing brightly-lit areas for study or work and dimmers for relaxation zones.. Custom, energy-efficient lightbulbs when catered to in home designs can save on electricity bills and unique lighting can increase the overall value of the home due to its relative scarcity in the housing market. 

Custom Millwork in Custom Homes 

Custom millwork (wooden decoration of home features) can add a lot of aesthetic and financial value to a home. Firstly, it can add a personal touch to the finished house and tie the home together with consistent styles and augmentations. Millwork also often fills gaps and uneven surfaces which can remain after builders have finished. Custom millwork is often manufactured using high-quality materials too – this adds to the value of the home by increasing its durability and also due to the common perception of custom millwork as a high-end features. 

High-End Finishes in Custom Homes 

Custom homes can also be designed to include features such as high-end finishes, including: custom tile work, hardwood flooring and granite or marble countertops. These finishes add to the aesthetic appeal of the home and can increase its value. 

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