Custom Home Builds

U Homes Invest offers an extensive range of creative investment options.

You can select from the more traditional full ‘turnkey’ investment homes,
Shared Living for improved yield and capital growth, or Rooming House with exceptional rental yields and rental guarantee.

Shared Living

Unique to U Homes, our Shared Living designs were conceived to provide the astute investor with greater flexibility. The designs offer the ability to significantly improve rental yield and increase capital growth.

With the changing rental requirements of the Australian population, there is increasing demand for higher density per land allotment. Larger houses on smaller blocks or as many dwellings as per block as possible. Smaller, or ‘micro’ apartments are also becoming more common place as CBDs around the country adapt to increases in population.

Our Shared Living designs can be configured for large families or multiple tenant agreements, offering investors more opportunities no matter what demographic or economic changes may present.

Rooming House

Another exclusive, Unique Invest’s Rooming House, takes rental yield to a whole new level.

This exciting investment option offers ‘room only’ rental options with shared common areas such as kitchen and living spaces.

Rooming Houses are managed by specialised property managers and each property comes with a rental guarantee of up to 75% of the gross cashflows you would otherwise receive at full occupancy.

Typically our Rooming House options are packaged along with the land, as each location is purposefully selected for improved returns. However investors also have the option of building a Rooming House on an existing block of land