Multigenerational living, where several generations of a family live under the same roof, have been a popular lifestyle choice in countries around the world for thousands of years.

It’s only in recent times that the lifestyle has been gaining traction among Aussie households.

In Australia, demand for this way of housing is increasing, particularly as our population continues to broaden in multiculturalism. It addresses affordability and shifting family values. Apart from the cultural appeal, multigenerational living also addresses the desire by many families to stay connected with growing kids, ageing parents and grand parents. It can also be important as a support network for parents with young children.

Designed Purposefully

A big part of designing a multigenerational home is to provide enough privacy and useable space so that its occupants don’t feel like they are living on top of each other.

Our designs take into consideration not only space and privacy, but also amenities. For example all bedrooms incorporate their own ensuite and all designs offer multiple living areas. Think of it as a collection of living spaces that allow for independent living, with the added feature of shared communal areas such as the kitchen and alfresco.

Ultimately, our designs are flexible. We want your home to be future proof but also cater to your current needs. Getting the design right from the get-go not only takes care of the loved ones you wish to spend quality time with today, it can avoid the need for future renovations due to changing circumstances.