The Basics of A New Custom Built Home


Buying and moving into a new home is a lengthy process that can be fraught with complication. When home buyers choose to build a new custom built home, the process is more complex than buying from the market, however, it does offer some benefits that are unavailable within the prebuilt market. Industry research points towards the fact that people choose to build a new custom home when they have a strong desire for storage and energy efficiency. In addition to this, when building a custom home, home owners get to choose the features and finishes most important to them. They can choose their favourite colours, materials and styles across several product categories.

In this article, we describe the basics of building a new custom home and reveal how the choices available to custom home builders make this option far more attractive than simply buying pre-built.

Custom Home Features


When you build a custom home, you will work with the architect to design every element of your home. This offers serious potential to incorporate efficient storage options that guarantee you don’t have to buy as much furniture as you otherwise would. Walk-in closets, built-in wardrobes and kitchen storage options can be included in the design according to your needs. If you have established a family already, then designing storage should be easy. If not, then some thought does need to be given to how your storage requirements will evolve over time.


With regards to energy efficiency, custom home builders have far more options available to them. Sure, people who buy from the market can always switch out appliances for more energy-efficient variants, but it’s far more costly to convert an entire household to an eco-friendly dwelling than it is to deck out an empty house with eco-friendly appliances. New custom built homes are built to save energy by incorporating the latest smart HVAC systems, solar systems, insulation and natural lighting. Wiring can be installed according to your specific needs on a per-room basis and smart technology can be very easily incorporated into your build.

Custom Home Location

One of the big decisions home builders need to make when building a new custom built home is where to build their dwelling. There are two primary options available: building within a master planned area or within an infill lot. Both options are valid, however, home builders may have less design flexibility if they are building in a master planned area. This is because they may have to conform to overarching design specifications within the community. If you’re building in an infill lot, then your home design is only limited by your dreams and council regulation. In any case, your choice will probably be more limited than buying off the market, but the customisation potential of a custom built home make this option well worth the sacrifice.

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