The Role of Building Designers in the Custom Home Building Process 


 If you should choose to build a custom home, you will undoubtedly be required to consult with a building designer during various stages of the project. Building Designers have an important role to play in the design of custom home builds and are generally involved in the process during pre-construction, construction and post-construction. Building Designers play a fundamentally important role in the design of custom homes: as the principle people responsible for producing floor plans, overall shape and stylings. In this blog article we will discuss the nature of the role building designers play within the phases of construction listed above. 


During the pre-construction phase of custom home building, a building designer will be employed for an initial consultation, a site evaluation and analysis, a feasibility study and to create a conceptual design. In consecutive order, a building designer will speak to you about your design preferences including the shape of the house and its interior and exterior stylings before attending the site on which your house is to be built to make sure it is fit for construction. A feasibility study will next be undertaken to ensure that the specifications you have discussed with your building designer are actually possible on the land you have bought. Finally, a series of conceptual designs will be drawn to give you some idea of what your custom home is going to look like. Your building designer will also be responsible for documenting the construction process. 

Construction Phase 

During construction of a custom built home, building designers will work closely with builders and contractors to ensure the construction documentation is followed as the house is built. They will perform administration duties and site observation during this time. Building Designers will coordinate with engineers and other construction contractors to ensure that everything goes to plan and that features of the house which are fine on paper can be materialised in reality. 

Post-Construction Phase 

Once the house is built, a building designer will perform a final inspection and close out the property. They will evaluate the building for occupancy: to make sure it is fit to dwell in. They will finally document all maintenance and operation guidelines to ensure that you know how to operate the features and fixtures contained within your brand-new custom home. 

Working with building designers on your custom home design offers many benefits, including: enhanced design and functional features, enhanced aesthetics and curb appeal, increased energy efficiency and sustainability, better cost control and value engineering and higher resale value. All of these factors make working with a building designer a good idea if you are interested in building a custom home for you and your family. 

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