The Role of Natural Light in Custom Home Design 


When designing a custom home, considering how natural light will illuminate your home is very important. The presence of natural light helps create a comfortable and inviting living space and can make rooms feel bigger. Houses that face East will, of course, experience more natural light in the morning as the sun rises and those that face West will be lit up in the afternoon and evening as the sun sets. When UHomes Living builds custom homes, we maximise the availability of natural light by including several features and design choices. We discuss these below. 

Maximising Natural Light: Design Techniques 

There are several architectural styles and techniques that can be used to maximise the natural light that filters into the home. Proper window placement and size allows light to fill the home from all angles and brighten the space inside. Skylights, glass doors and light wells can also be strategically placed to increase the amount of natural light which penetrates your home. Where we place windows, skylights, glass doors and light wells will depend on the orientation of your house. We usually try to face these features North to get a good balance of morning and evening sun. Finally, we use reflective materials and light colour palettes on furnishings to allow them to absorb the most natural light possible and brighten up the inside of your home. 

Incorporating Light In Different Areas Of The Home 

Natural light can be utilised in specific areas of the home to enhance the living experience of its occupants. Bedrooms can be positioned to take advantage of morning sunlight. Living rooms can be placed in a central location to remain well-lit all day long and kitchens can be strategically placed to make the most of the sky’s beautiful orange and purple sunset hues at dinner time. Light shelves, clerestory windows and open floor plans all promote natural light and we try to incorporate these strategies where we can to take advantage of the sun’s natural resources as much as possible. 

The Benefits of Natural Light 

Natural light really sets the mood inside a house. It’s easier to study and work in a well-lit environment. Some believe that effective lighting also makes food taste more delicious. Furthermore, effective natural lighting makes your house more efficient as you are less-reliant on electric lighting to illuminate your home. When you choose UHomes Living to build your custom home, you should ask us what we can do to maximise natural light sources for the benefit of you and your family. 

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