Things To Look For When Choosing A Custom Home Builder 


Building a home is the biggest project most homeowners take on in their life. There are a huge range of decisions that must be made before and during construction in order to ensure a smooth planning and building process. Whether you have been planning your dream home for years or are just starting out, the best place to start is by choosing the right custom home builder. In a competitive market, however, knowing which custom home building company to choose can be difficult. Choosing the right builder can result in compliance with budget, comfortable deadlines and the home of your dreams. Choosing the wrong builder, however, can become a horror story all too quickly when budgets are stretched, deadlines are not met and quality is lacking. Read our tips below on things to look for when choosing a custom home builder. 

Choose Your Company Quickly 

It’s crucial that you get a builder on-board as early as you can in the planning process. The best time to choose a builder is just before you consult with an architect about your plans. A good custom builder will be happy to work with you and your architect. They will work within your budget and to schedule and will share valuable insight and expertise throughout planning. 

Choose A Local Company 

It’s best to choose a home building company that is hallmarked by strong Google reviews. After you have a shortlist, it’s good practice to check out their display homes to make sure that the builders’ style aligns with your expectations. Choosing a local company can also help when navigating things like council approval. 

Choose a Builder That Answers the Phone 

It’s important to choose a building company that is happy to interview and describe their experience, how organised they are and how well they communicate before the project starts. You should gel well with your building company before signing anything. 

Ensure Your Builder is Reliable 

If your builder takes a long time to return your calls, chances are this will be a continuing trend throughout construction. One of the biggest benefits of using a good custom home builder is the personalised attention that you will receive. However, you need to ensure that your builder is reliable from the start of your project or this potential can go to waste. 

Choose a Builder With Experience, Insurance and Licensing 

One of the perks of building a home from scratch is that the materials, appliances and the house itself are under warranty. This provides peace of mind in the event anything goes awry. It’s worth choosing a builder who responds promptly to repairs and maintenance needs. It’s always a good idea to check the builders licensing, insurance and policies around after-sale support too in order to maintain clear expectations about your project. 

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