UHomes’ Guide To Knock-Down-and-Rebuilds


One option custom home builders have when constructing their property is to knock down an existing house and rebuild from scratch. This is always a great option when buyers love the neighbourhood they’ve bought in, but the house they have bought doesn’t quite match their expectations. Knock-down-and-rebuilds require significant planning and patience during the construction process, so we have prepared the following guide to ensure the process is as smooth as possible for you. 

What Is A Knock-Down-and-Rebuild? 

A knock-down-and-rebuild is, as described above, the process of destroying an existing property and rebuilding from scratch on the same site. The process is most used when properties are dilapidated or require significant repairs to become liveable and can add significant value to the lot. 

What Does The Knock-Down-and-Rebuild Process Look Like? 

Knocking down and rebuilding a property involves demolition and construction, with lots of planning and approvals required during the process. Owners will have to have a discussion with their builders regarding the size of the lot, the LGA they live in, the location of the sewer and easement and what they are hoping to build. The more information owners can provide about the lot their house is located on, the easier the whole process will be.  

Following preliminary discussions, the owners will have to choose a floor plan and facade. UHomes living can work with you to design the blueprints for your home, or review the home design you already have ready. Once this is done, we will arrange council approval for the build and negotiate with contractors in order for work to commence. 

Things To Avoid During A Rebuild 

There are a few common mistakes which, if manifest, can cause delays and unnecessary complications during your custom home build: 

  1. Consulting inexperienced builders. Always contact an experienced custom home builder such as UHomes, to acquire a realistic expectation of the costs involved with building your house. There’s nothing worse than running out of budget midway through construction. 
  2. Choosing a builder without council contacts. It’s important to choose a building company with extensive experience gaining council approval to begin construction. This will help avoid delays. 
  3. Not paying attention to building schedules. Always gain an understanding of the construction schedule before making any commitments. This helps resolve any accidental overlap between contractors and ensures the process goes as smoothly as possible. 

Benefits of A Custom Home Rebuild 

The benefits of a knock-down-and-rebuild are manifold. First and foremost, you can choose the home of your dreams in an area you love. Secondly, a knock-down-and-rebuild adds value to property which is, at present, unfit for human dwelling. Finally, a knock-down-and-rebuild reduces unnecessary maintenance costs which often arise when owner-occupiers move into a property which is in need of repairs. 

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