Why Certification Is Important During Construction


If you have decided to build a home with UHomes Living then you can stay confident you are working with certified professionals whom are covered in the event of a financial or natural catastrophe. This should always be the case whether you are doing a renovation on an existing house or buying on a new grid. Building a house requires compliance with Australian federal and state regulations in order to minimise risk and ensure longevity. In addition to this, there is always the risk that something will befall the construction site during work and home owners need to make sure they are working with professionals covered with insurance in such a scenario.

UHomes Australia is a long-serving member of the Housing Industry Australia (HIA) which means we strive for full compliance with Australian Building Standards (ABS). This is true for all our work in design, construction and performance of buildings; plumbing and drainage systems. We are represented by builders with over a decade of hands-on experience building custom made homes. We ensure we plan every detail of your home to the letter. Not every home builder can say the same, unfortunately. U Homes Living offers optimised storage and a vast selection of customisable features when we materialise homes for our clients. When you choose someone with less on-site experience you risk project delays and imprecise construction, regardless of any other value offered.

Since the Australian government has changed building laws to ensure full responsibility for fire and occupational safety is held by building project managers, it’s become even more important than prior to the reforms to maintain an insurance plan when working in the construction sector. UHomes is fully insured for indemnity to the building and its occupants, as well as all our own workers who are employed to build your dream home. This means that if catastrophe strikes, for example, a builder gets injured or improper compliance causes damage to your house, we are covered. Building schedules can usually return to normal quickly following an incident and you will never be out of pocket.

You will always experience peace of mind with UHomes Living. When you buy our custom made homes in Melbourne you ensure premium attention is given to ironing out the details of your perfect house. We will carefully plan each and every element from building floor plans to storage units to make sure looking after your dream home is easy. We have strong relationships with building lot owners across several new locations in Melbourne’s suburbs. You can choose from our portfolio after contacting us to arrange a consultation. The same goes for when you have chosen a lot and want to begin assuming the role of designer. Our portfolios of building features make constructing a new home easy.

UHomes builds custom homes using a staggering range of different materials, styles and techniques. Contact us to build a home in Melbourne. We will source certified materials to help in the construction of your brand new home; all which comply with Australian Building Standard codes. UHomes Living has been building custom homes for over ten years and understand the nuances of getting a home planned, built and made ready to live in to the letter. Call our friendly team on 03 9048 5737 today or reach out via our contact page to ask about how we can help you build the home of your dreams.